Instagram reels are short videos introduced in 2020, and they let the audience share them just like ordinary content. Reel contents are created in under 15 seconds to compete for TikTok’s popularity. However, in three years, Instagram reels earned more fame than TikTok. In the week on Instagram, 90% of reel content was viewed by active users, and it’s not unexpected.

Let’s see some essential strategies for utilizing Instagram reels to gain more success on the Instagram platform.

1. Post Frequently And Evaluate Reels’ Impact 

Our studies show that the top 28% of brands have gained 3.5 interactions per post weekly. Consistent posting is a perfect game plan for you and your brand. In our 2024 social media benchmark studies, we recommended you include a reel content posting schedule. 

Reels are very effective tactics for various industries, such as health and beauty, influencers, and sports teams. You are probably thinking now about how much effort a reel creation needs. Analysis is the finest tactic for finding how to create eye-catching and exciting reel content. 

2. Utilizing Captions 

When reels are shared without having captions, those who have hearing problems might scroll up your reel content. 

Additionally, these specific groups and closed captions also serve the needs of those who silently watch your reel in public. According to the results, 75% of the viewers watched full content when your content had subtitles. 

3. Post Your Reels On Your Stories

Stories have a reach than reel content. Still, it’s a good idea to let your audience know about reel content and mention your content in their stories. It was also possible only some followers could see your stories. You can draw more followers to your profile, when you buy Instagram likes and comments

If you want to get more interactions on your stories, add some stickers on your important spot on your content 

4. Refrain from simply sharing your TikTok video again

It’s not uncommon to see a TikTok watermark on their Instagram reel content. Brand might be damaging themself if they decide to repost their TikTok post on their Instagram reel post. According to the Instagram algorithm, content with other platform watermarks is more challenging to find on the explore page. This content is more challenging to rank and gets fewer views and likes.

5. Add Orginal Music Or Insta Music Library 

Instagram has pointed out how essential it is to add original music or music from their library to make reels attractive. Instagram has only provided copyrighted songs, and you cannot use album songs if you have a professional account. This restriction makes it harder for you to find your favorite songs. But, it is necessary to obey the restrictions. Following these guidelines and utilizing the original audio or Instagram’s unrestricted library are recommended. 

6. Utilize The Features

Instagram has continually emphasized the value of using features like camera effects, filters, and captions. It has many more features for editing specialties to advise you on making your reel content more visible. Use the features on your reels to boost the aesthetic appeal of your reel content. Your reels have a chance to keep the audience interested and also watch full content to increase their visual appeal. 

7. Initiate With A Captivating Lead 

In some situations, Instagram has reel regulations, but reel content sometimes goes up to 90 seconds. It depends on what kind of information you give on that content. The first few moments of your reel are much more important, no matter how long your reel content is. Instagram advises using an initial attraction at the opening of your reel. The hook is the main thing for attracting more viewers for your reel content and watching the full content. 

8. Return The Loop 

Reels that were previously popular are given preference by the Instagram reel algorithm. It is essential to look at that to enhance the number of views of your reel content. This means including tactics to cultivate the audience to see the content more than once. The more views you have on the reel, Instagram will promote it to other audiences, which will boost views and interactions.


In conclusion, there are various concepts that you must follow when you create reel content. That includes creating content without a TikTok watermark, using non-copyrighted music, and adding captions. Try out the above strategies that work perfectly for you. Try to make looping reel content, add relevant hashtags to your reel content, and investigate positive and negative hooks on the reel’s initial part.